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Coffee Happy This Winter

My love for coffee dates back to my college days when I can gulp down as much as seven cups in a day. But many years, a marriage, and two kids after, I mellowed and got contented with just a cup daily.

So as much as I want to drink this Nescafe Cappuccino brought by an officemate, I didn't. Although the clever packaging seemed to promise a great coffee experience, I didn't give in to the olfactory temptation that it brought when prepared by our teaboy.

Maybe, tomorrow. Or during those hurried breakfasts when I didn't get to enjoy a good, hot coffee at home.

Or maybe later...


Tita Beng said…
Hello Beth! Like you, a cup of hot coffee in the morning is enough for me. Sometimes, when we ran out of a cold juice, I look for iced coffee. Enjoy na ko nun!

I wonder if that Nescafe Capuccino in a cup is already available here. Gonna try, if I see one.!

Be well and stay pretty! Take care!
Beth said…
Ate Beng, did you know that buying boxes of this and bringing to the Philippines crossed my mind? :)

Thanks for the never ending visit, Ate Beng!

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